Learn How To Eat Vegan With Ease.


Tips & Tricks

The thought of transitioning to a vegan diet can be intimidating. Begin with a simple email course overview of what it means to start eating vegan: Becoming Vegan. 


Is A Vegan Diet For You?

At Plenty Vegan, the message is: VEGANISM IS FOR EVERYONE. Whether you eat a vegan meal once a week, once a day or for every meal - you are welcome. There are many ways to eat more or all vegan. Learn to do so in a welcoming environment. No judgment.

Becoming Vegan: 6-Part Email Course

In the email course, you'll learn about:

Why vegan

Why do people eat vegan - learn the reasons behind the diet.

How to vegan

How can you eat vegan in a way that works for you? What are your options? 

What is vegan

There are a ton of vegan foods out there. Get to know the big ones.


About Plenty Vegan

Hi! I'm Diana and I've eating a healthful vegan diet for over a decade now (a little before it was all the rage). I can eat vegan without thinking too hard about it and I know tons of tips and tricks for you to begin your vegan journey with ease. I believe that eating vegan is for everyone - from the hardcore to the once-in-a-while. All are welcome at Plenty Vegan.

I'm always traveling and so I can teach you how to eat vegan on the go and how to prepare simple, no-recipe recipes.

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